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Kaźmierz community situated 20 km from Poznań (in northen – east part of voivodship) enters into the composition of Szamotuły district. The main road number 2 Świecko – Poznań – Warszawa – Terespol leads through the community. Kaźmierz community occupies the area of 128,2 sq.m and consists Of 18 village administrator’s offices. Presently it is inhabited by over 7 thousand people but this number is still growing.


Archeological researches have shown colonization activity near the Sama River and Bytyńskie Lake lasting 10 thousand years. A very important part in different periods played Komorowska Island which in the beginning of Iron Age and in the Middle Ages was a colonization center (similarly to the Biskupin and Pałucki). There was a historical trade route on the area of Kaźmierz community which is confirmed by many findings for instance very precious figures shown below (4 thousands years).

Kaźmierz over the Sama River is connected with the five martyrs brothers murdered during the night 11/12 November 1003. We can find first historical mention about Kaźmierz from 1298. Andrzej bishop from Poznań numbered the church in Kaźmierz among Poznań archdeaconry. Kaźmierz as a town is presented for the first time in 1384 although researches proved that this town had risen 200 years earlier. In 1530 Zygmunt Stary allowed to organise a fair on Saint Regina’s day (9th September) and weekly fairs which took place every Tusdeay. Kaźmierz was the prive town and it belonged to Świdwów Szamotulskich, in 17th century to Niegolewsky, in 18th to century Moszczeńsky and in 19th century to Sachsen – Coburg – Gotha. Civic rights were lost at the beginning of 19th century. The main monuments of Kaźmierz are: the market square and the church. There was railway communication with Poznań and Międzychód in 1888 and a hospital until 1909.

The most important monuments are: Churches in Kaźmierz and Bytyń, mansion with garden in Bytyń, manor in Komorowo, palace in Kaźmierz, post in Gaj Wielki and the buildings of the railway station in Pólko and Kaźmierz. Bytyńskie lake (339 hectares) with seven islands is one of the main attraction. The lake is a sanctuary of water fowl. In 1959 there was established a reservation called Bytyńskie Brzęki to protect a very rare kind of sorb. The Kaźmierz community is famous for its monuments of nature such as: durmasts, lime-trees and horse-chestnuts. The Sama River, which is the left tributary of the Warta River becomes a storage reservior in the village called Radzyny. The exploitation of the reservior Started in 2001. The forests around are great recreation area and a touristic atraction of community which has lately developed agri – tourism.

Kaźmierz is a typical industrial and agriculture community. Thanks to provided utilities there exist a great number of companies such as: Hochland (the world leader in production of cheese) and Grassland Farms, the producer of grass.

Kaźmierz community near the Poznań waits for different kinds of investments, utilities provided should encourage new investors. Half of house holds has the access to the natural gas which ledge is situated in the area of the community. There is also an ecologic boiler room which uses straw in Sokolniki Wielkie. This community has the one of the country. Kaźmierz’s social infrastructure is also well developed, large, modern outpatients’ surgery is an example. Due to future of the children and youth the most important investment which is planned is the new building of lower secondary school with a gymhall.

By the main road number 2 in Gaj Wielki, Młodasko and Bytyń there is land for any investment (170 hectares). Community offers a great number of grounds for economoic activities and housing near the storage reservior in Radzyny or Bytyńskie Lake.

Local clubs enable people to develop their interests for example: Football club “Czarni Kaźmierz", LOK, Bracia Kurkowi. Due to a large number of water reserviors we should also point out the importance of Polski Związek Wędkarski, which is an organisation for anglers. The pride of Kaźmierz Community is Tomasz Frąckowiak, the winner of motor-boat races and the winner of the world cup Millenium 2000 in JT-250. Moreover there are 8 fire-brigades which not only help in the danger but also organise inhabitants’ free time. Speaking about cultural life we should mention: community centre, Library in Kaźmierz with branches in Bytyń and Gaj Wielki and the cinema. There are also artistics teams. The most famous of them are Peter’s Band, Rapperki and Moniuszko choir, which was founded 80 years ago.

Kaźmierz Community cooperate with other polish community - Bystrzyca Kłodzka and with Ejszyszki from Lithuania. According to our commune head Wiesław Włodarczak our community is a great firm demanding efficiency, professionalism and reasonable courage. Although nowadays life is not easy there is always something good in Kaźmierz is…….really a superior place.

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